WordPress Meetup May 2010

Join us for an evening of WordPress. We’ll cover the latest in WordPress news, share how we are using WordPress, and possibly have several 10-minute presentations.

  1. Review WordPress news and happenings (Lance)
  2. Two or three short presentations (5-10 minutes each)
  3. Q & A and networking

Event information:

  • Where: Spoke6, 439 N 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705 (located on the SW corner of 6th Ave & 6th St)
  • When: Tuesday, May 25th 7–9 PM
  • Cost: FREE (though please bring drinks or snack to share)

This is an open event. Everyone is welcome.

Ideas for presentations:

  1. Ian: Custom Post Types
  2. Ian: WordPress Performance
  3. Common tasks and how to solve them: calendars and events, migration of old sites to the latest WordPress version.
  4. Tim and Lance: Commercialization of WP
  5. Lance: Child themes

If you’d like to present a topic related to WordPress, drop Lance an email: lance at simpledream dot net.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Meetup May 2010”

  1. Martha suggested the following topics:

    1. How about an open-to-all-comers roundtable on plugins? What are the group’s most and least favorite plugins?

    2. On my site and blog, the tags look like a rat’s nest. When I’m hand-coding, I like to keep my meta tags, javascripts (preferably in links to external files), and link rel=”” material together. As in, like goes with like.

    What’s of most concern to me is keeping that meta-description tag up near the top of the source code so that Google and other search engines don’t have to plow through thickets of code to get to it.

    I’d like to hear how others keep their tags under control. Call it good housekeeping for WP-based sites and blogs.

  2. Martha via Lance Idea #1 sounds great.
    #2 sounds interesting if possibly a bit obsessive (in my opinion), but I can certainly agree with the header mess caused by many WP plugins (repeated loading of various js libraries and so forth)….I think I have one site that loads thickbox like 4 times by different plugins.

    I haven’t caught up on the newest plugin requirements, but this might possible be less of a problem with newer *compatible* plug-ins.

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