Collaborative Work Day, March 7th

Come help us improve the TDAC website. We’ll be looking at everything from adding new features, improving the existing site, and brainstorming future additions.

We’ll start with as much time as people want to work this Saturday, then see if we want to do another day on Saturday the 14th.

Where: 115 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85701 (map)
When: March 7th, 2009 from 10am to 5pm?

Come and participate for as much of the time as you wish: a few minutes, an hour, or all day. Designers, copywriters, coders, thinkers, tinkerers—all are welcome to join the collaboration. There should be something for everyone, but we’ll probably focus on WordPress plugins and themes.

Bring your laptop.


Here are some of the things which we can work on:

Design / usability

  • Clean up design and content. Add credits area for those working on site.
  • Add more content boxes for profiles. Images too?
  • Re-organize homepage to be more logical.

Enhancements and fixes

  • Easier Event posting. Sign up for events?
  • Avatar uploading troubleshooting
  • Member directory troubleshooting (clean it up, make it big grid?)

New features (plugins or theme changes)

  • Twitter feed to stream all the TDAC members’ Twitter updates
  • Connect Forum to BuddyPress
  • Jobs board (separate blog)
  • Link to Facebook. use “facebook connect” ?
  • Search site feature
  • Podcasting / Videocasting
  • Add survey and polls
  • Featured work gallery that members can submit to?

Some useful links:

The core of the TDAC site is built using WordPress MU:
Some good WP MU specific plugins: and

We are also using some of the modules/plugins from BuddyPress:
Info about extending BuddyPress:

Most of the WordPress plugins will work with this installation:

If you have ideas of things to add to the list, please submit a comment below and come with your ideas on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Collaborative Work Day, March 7th”

  1. I’ll be there, and I have a possible coworker coming (he isn’t a member of TDAC yet but might come by to help out).

  2. Ok… I posted to a different spot on this site. Obviously I’m lost and I think that might point to some info design issues? Anyway, I’ll be there on Sat. and look forward to meeting some people and hacking WP.

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